Who we are

  Independent, non-profit, Scientific research institution. Objective in our approach, aware of the importance of Strategic Studies for different topics and issues to explore their impacts and influences on of political, social, cultural, educational, economic, security, environmental, technical, informational and legal domains... etc, in order to produce a vision of a better reality for all individuals, communities and institutions at all local, regional and international levels.

The History of The International Center for Strategic Researches and Information

The Foundation:

  An association was founded in the Lebanese Republic under the name of: The International Center for strategic Researches and Information. It is a non-political as well as non-profit association (apprised and informed statement No. 1481/wd on August 24, 2012).


  The International Center for Strategic Researches and Information is a scientific institution of strategic scientific researches and studies, independent of all political governments, parties, movements and currents.

  The Center is considered one of the international scientific centers aiming to achieve scientific progress in the field of strategic research and cognitive information.