Our Values

    ICESRI is built on basic ethics, values and morals that are related to scientific, humanitarian, cultural and civil affairs of individuals and communities as following:

  • The belief that Strategic Studies and Media are the two wings of change and development. Therefore one of the ICESRI priorities is to compound between both Strategic Studies and Media. Strategic studies are means of analysis, theorizing and Prospecting future, and by the way, media are means to spread development vision that improves reality and achieve aspirations. Through these two wings of development, the Centre contributes to achieve the lofty goals it seeks and the knowledge of researches brings positive change in the reality of individuals and communities.
  • The stable compliance and loyalty to the center's mission and responsibilities towards using all the capacities and capabilities of scientific researches and media to achieve prosperity and justice for societies.
  • Proundness of our ethics and our open communication and cooperation with various centers and related institutions, the Center achieves our goals and mission in a unique and effective manner that contributes in constructing better civilization life.