* Security Information:
  Not building the human’s personality based on national values and right virtues of faith within the individual is the problem - the basis for the cognitive security in particular.
  From here our urgent need for cognitive security appears, based on the spirit of religion, belief and morality. A need that the struggles with gap lurking temptations as well as programmed ones, depend on, in the structure of the state and in the lead stands the risk of the crime of corruption.
  The national duty is for the journalists and politicians who may stand behind some of these journalists to support army and armed forces to support through a responsible national security information speech. I take from my own personal experience in a scientific and objective view to say: that the prestige of the state and its authority begin from the positive image of the security man in the mind of the citizen, and destabilizes with the malformation of that image.
  Security information is the main tool to impose the stability through its oriented and deterrent force that may provide the chance for the governor to use the big stick.

* Respecting the humanity and human dignity in the conflicts:
  The heavenly religions are the first light of the legal rules that safeguard the rights of the fighters and victims of armed conflicts, civilians and protected sites as well as impose restrictions on the use of military means.
  Even the insult is forbidden by God Almighty, Holy Merciful. What a wonderful human dimension it is, in respecting someone’s individuality whatever his/her color, affiliation, religion, race is. Even the insult and ridicule "of certain folks from each other" enters in the circle of taboos. Then how does the Lord looks to violating the international humanitarian law and insulting the human’s dignity in an armed conflict?

* The crises information and dialogue:
  The sectarian or denominational perception for the homeland leads to the rise of political-societal infringes. Moreover, when the destructive propaganda interferes, it creates fanatical ideologies deeply in the masses. Those ideologies could destroy the element of citizenship in the majority, thus their loyalty to the homeland becomes destabilizing. This may reflect a behavior that will lead to civil clashes in the streets, and therefore the outbreak of civil crisis sharp and warning to become an internal armed conflict. Unfortunately, the conviction stands out, but it is too late - after the self destruction and mass hysteria - that conversing is the resolution mean and alertness. Conversing in a cognitive atmosphere is based on enlightenment and awareness without defamation or instinctive incitement. The media that respects the freedom of opinion and its plurality and serves harmonious orientations towards the unity of the country and the sovereignty of the state of unified power. We answered in the very same study: “So that the Lebanese masses won’t go back to being test tubes, we must head to dialogue immediately and without any delay.
  When do we realize that clashing with hands, sticks, stones and knives – in the social sense - is more dangerous than the clashing of bullets and missiles? It’s a more brutal coalescence and inevitable translation of the rejection phenomenon of the other as well as the dialogue failure.
  The absence of national dialogue in any major political crisis leads to the sliding situation towards the intriguing against the will of the people of the nation, and this saying is certainly true in Lebanon as well as in all the current Arab scene.

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